VAST Artist of the Year

2014-2015 Artist of the Year

Charles Arnold

2014-2015 VAST Artist of the Year

2013-2014 Artist of the Year

Maurice LeatherburyMaurice Leatherbury, VAST 2013-2014 Artist of the Year

Flower Mound TX
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Artist's Statement

I am an art photographer whose interest in photography started seriously while I was in the Air Force in the 1970's, where I bought a Minolta SLR and took Kodacrome slides as well as black and white photographs, developing and printing the B&W pictures on expired paper that the Air Force provided. I took a long hiatus from photography, though, to raise a family, get graduate degrees, and earn a living. I was a librarian, computer system entrepreneur, college professor, and chief information officer at several large universities (University of North Texas and University of Texas at Arlington) in my long career, which ended in 2013 upon my retirement.

I work exclusively in digital now with a Nikon camera and print almost of all my photos on my large Epson printer. Wanting as much control over the finished printed artifact, I also mat and frame most of my photographs and experiment with new finishing techniques such as coating the photograph's surface with clear acrylic, a process that I discovered in Kauai and Jackson Hole.

My photographs have been exhibited in my places of work in Denton and Arlington and more recently in VAST exhibitions, Visual Arts League of Lewisville exhibits, and the Oxide Gallery in Denton. More information about me as well as many of my photographs can be found at

My ultimate goal as an art photographer is simply to make beautiful photos that you'll want to hang on your walls.

Sliced Red Bell PeppersSpring Bouquet (Red)Abstract Blue Pipes

Angelia Ford

Congratulations to Angelia Ford who won VAST Artist of the Year for 2013! As Artist of the Year.  Angelia will have an exhibition of her artwork at the Chestnut Tree in September and October.

She also received a $25 gift certificate to Azel Art and will receive an engraved plaque at the September VAST meeting, and have her artwork featured in a header on the VAST website.

Angelia is shown holding her graphite artwork "Untitled".



Tom Norris

Lewisville, TX
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Artist's Statement

Art became a part of my life in 1984 when I was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at age 30. My doctor recommended that I find less-stressful work, so I picked up a pencil and started to draw. Soon, drawing turned into painting and I realized that God had a plan for me. Being self-taught, I never thought that I had a chance at a professional career, but where God led, I followed.

I work in oil, watercolor, Prismacolor, and acrylic as well as clay. Drawing has always been my passion and pastels my medium of choice.

My work now focuses mainly on wildlife and portraiture. Eyes are the window to the soul, and by painting potraits and nature, I hope to give you a glance into my soul and how God has blessed me. May you all open your hearts and minds, discover your gifts, and find the blessings that await you!

"In the Arms of Love"     "Power Surge"     "War Cry"

"Tony_Romo"     "Jack Sparrow"     "Tony_Romo"

Mary Strange Blossom

Denton, TX
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Artist's Statement

My mission is to take the viewer on a visual journey beyond the physical world with mindscapes of drama and mystery. The objective is to arouse curiosity and contemplation through art that is thought provoking, emotionally stimulating and beautiful to the eye. The content of this journey is symbolism, realism, high contrast lighting and their relationship to each other. I strive to create compositions that will convey multiple meanings, statements and allegories. I use simplicity and minimal visual elements to open the door to the viewer’s imagination.

My paintings that illustrate candlelight or the “appearance” of light from a single source in the darkness are not merely depictions of candlelit settings; they are representations of a spiritual and ethereal light or the enlightenment of the soul and mind.

"Candlelight #2"    "Jupiter Rising"    "Spaced Out"

 "Self Inflicted"    "Setting in Yellow"    "Despair"