Dear VAST Members, 
Our joint exhibit with the Denton Poet’s Assembly will have its opening night (before its 3 month run at the PAAC) on June 7, 2019, at 6 pm to 8 pm. It will be a grand opening reception and we encourage all member and their friends and families to put this on their calendars right now!

Thus far, to cover VAST’s expenses of the reception and one-half of the printing costs of the Catalog for the Merging Visions exhibit 2019 (less a generous grant of $1000 from Denton Benefit League this year), VAST has received donations from 7 members to a total of $570 (plus an additional very generous member donation to be applied to the catalog publication). Thank you (a lot!) to these donors.

  • We are SO LUCKY to have the sponsorship of Greater Denton Arts Council to help us with exhibit space at no rental cost to the exhibit. 
  • We are SO LUCKY to have dedicated volunteers who spent time and energy (their own!) to go before the Grants Committee of DBL to apply for and receive the group’s grant money. 
  • We are SO LUCKY that we have had volunteers from both VAST and DPA who have met and worked for a full year to once again bring about this really interesting, fun, and popular exhibit.

BUT, your board of directors was counting on more members assisting in paying for this special exhibition with their donations. PLEASE consider supporting the Merging Visions exhibit 2019 with your dollars. This year, due to lack of exhibit space in the city of Denton area that is free, we have had only two exhibits. This exhibit, which will be at the start of our next fiscal year, needs your support NOW. Bring your checkbook and your credit card (I promise to have a working system by then) to the April 3, 2019 Members’ Meeting at the PAAC, and let your heart lead to supporting this wonderful exhibit. ALL DONATIONS RECEIVED BY MIDNIGHT ON APRIL 3, 2019 WILL BE RECOGNIZED AS SPONSORS IN THE EXHIBIT CATALOG.
If you wish to buy a catalog only, now is the time to order one. They are $20. If you order one on PayPal the cost is $21.

I thank you for reading this.
Carol Rowley, Treasurer