From the VAST Treasurer:

Pay your VAST dues at your convenience (before the deadline* of 5/31/18)!

Dues structure for 2018-19 (see descriptions of categories of membership):

  • Student membership $15
  • Educator membership $25
  • Regular membership $35
  • Family membership $45

Additional Fees:

Support of VAST Exhibits is most certainly welcomed!
Support either the Members Exhibit, the 125-Mile Exhibit, or the Merging Visions Exhibit in whatever amount you choose. $100 or greater will have the opportunity of having her/his/their names associated with an award. The Members Exhibit will be this summer in July so it is helpful to contribute now so our award fund-raising committee can sleep soundly.

Pay With Paypal:
If you personally have a PayPal account…

  1. Open your account on a computer and look for the “Send and Request” money button
  2. Select to send your dues amount to “” and BE SURE to put in the note field what your money is to go towards
  3. Hit the send button

…It’s done – even at 2 a.m. in the morning!

Or, you may also pay by credit card, check or cash at the May meeting! A membership form is available HERE. Dues can be mailed to VAST, PO Box 1281, Denton, TX 76202.
Make checks payable to “VAST.” For membership questions, please contact Mary Wright at

Lastly, those paying online by credit card are welcome to throw in a few extra bucks (*2.69% to be exact) to cover the cost of the PayPal fees that VAST must pay on all credit transactions. Yea for convenience! No 49 cent stamps needed!

If you can pay your dues for the upcoming fiscal year (June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019) prior to midnight on May 31, you have the additional benefit of free entry to the VAST calendar competition. Of course dues can be paid at any time of the year; however, VAST does not prorate its dues and fees during the year. So join up now and take advantage of all that VAST offers its membership!

With thanks for reading this, from your treasurer,
Carol Rowley