Members and new members who pay their dues by April 30, 2019, WILL RECEIVE A FREE ENTRY OF TWO ARTWORKS FOR THE 2020 Calendar Competition. The cost to enter the Calendar Competition after 4/30/2019 will be $20 for entry of two artworks for consideration. Such a deal!! See Membership Info toward the bottom of the newsletter. Come prepared to pay your dues at the April meeting. 
To Pay Dues Online:
Want to pay your VAST fees, dues, donations or sponsorships at midnight in your pajamas? If you are a PayPal user, here’s what to do:
Open your personal PayPal account and look for the tab saying Send or Receive Money. Send the total amount of your purchases (sponsorships & catalogs for Merging Visions, Dues, VADO Fees, Donations for the Members’ Exhibit cash awards, Critique, cash donations of any kind) to the PayPal account of

Please be sure to put in the “note” section of your own PayPal screen:
           (1) your full name, and
           (2) EXACTLY what you are purchasing.

Press the “send” button in PayPal and the payment is on its way to VAST.

PayPal will charge VAST 2.9% plus 30 cents in fees for a transaction. So if you are feeling kind-hearted and generous (and we hope you are!), add a little something extra to cover these fees (after all, you are saving the search for stamps, envelopes, and the midnight walk to the mailbox!). We appreciate all of you credit card holders, and we haven’t raised our prices to cover our credit card expenses. Your help in paying extra will help us toe the line on our fees in general.