We will be holding the VAST Board meeting on February 10th, 9:00am – noon at the Denton Fire Station, across from the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center.

We are looking for interested volunteers! VAST is an all-volunteer organization. These jobs are not difficult and allow you to grow and meet more artists.

We are in need of someone to take over the Mini Show Exhibition at our monthly meetings.

There is a need for someone to organize the rotating exhibition at the Denton Senior Center. Please contact Isabel Cano at isabelcano@verizon.net for this opportunity.

We have a yearly High School Competition that we don’t have a coordinator for next year. Please contact Isabel Cano at isabelcano@verizon.net for more information.

We are in need of a Vice President for Programs for next year.

We are looking for someone to possibly split time with for the newsletter – maybe every other month. It is not difficult; we use the Constant Contact program. Must be detail oriented but it’s not rocket science! Contact Mary Wright at marywright59@gmail.com for this opportunity.

We are in need of someone for membership as well! Not a tough job… just takes some time. We appreciate all the help we can get! Please contact Mindy Faubion at mindyfaubion@gmail.com, Mary Wright at marywright59@gmail.com, or Isabel Cano at isabelcano@verizon.net if you wish to help out!